Hythe Photo Gallery

Hythe Photo Gallery

Hythe Photo Gallery is a accumulation of photo of Hythe, of which we hope will entice you to visit Hythe

We are always looking for Photos to publish on our website that are appertaining to Hythe.

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Royal Military Canal

In the aftermath of the French Revolution, a young military genius named Napoleon Bonaparte emerged from the turmoil with a vision of a united Europe under French rule. Under his leadership France set about waging war on its neighbours, declaring war on England in 1793. An uneasy peace was settled in 1802 through the Peace of Amiens, but the countries were soon at war again. Napoleon saw England as the key to conquering Europe: All my thoughts are directed towards England. I want only for a favourable wind to plant the Imperial Eagle on the Tower of London. Once again England faced the threat of invasion and, with Napoleon massing an army of some 130,000 troops and 2,000 boats on the French coast near Boulogne, thoughts turned to how to defend the Romney Marsh - a low-lying stretch of coast which was expected to be the landing point for any French invasion.

Late Night Shoping

The High Street late night shopping is Organized by the HBTA usually the second week of December

St Leonard's Church

St Leonard's is a beautiful church in a beautiful place. It stands high and proud above the town of Hythe, looking towards the coast of France, which can be easily seen on a clear day. Thousands of visitors pass through its doors every year, and enjoy the magnificent architecture and extraordinary crypt. For over nine hundred years it has been a place of pilgrimage and worship, a place where people have experienced something of the divine nature, a place where they have been taken out of themselves. Today, in a more secular age, it continues to help all who, whatever their religious beliefs (or lack of them), want to explore what it is to be most fully human. As a genuinely Inclusive Church we extend a warm welcome to everyone, and celebrate their wonderful diversity. We look forward to meeting you!
St Leonard Church from the air.jpg